St Bride’s Liverpool

image St Bride’s is the Church of England’s Parish Church for the University and Canning area of Liverpool. We are committed to a vision of faith which is creative in worship, progressive in thought and inclusive of everyone. We’re offering something radically different from most mainstream churches.

If a community whose life is centred around LGBT, multifaith, meditation, music, arts, peace work & ecology sounds like fun then come along!


Palm Sunday 13th April 
10am All Age Service “Stones and a Cross – on the Way”

6.30pm “The Well” Celtic Worship Community (refreshments from 6pm) 

Monday 14th April

8.30am Morning Prayer

6.00pm Open Door Café

Wednesday 16th April

9am Morning Prayer

8pm Evening Prayer and Worship “The Stones Cry Out”

Maundy Thursday 17th April
7pm All Age Agape Meal at St Michael’s Upper Pitt Street

7.30pm Maundy liturgy at St Dunstan’s Earle Road with Canon Richard Giles

Good Friday 18th April

8.30am Morning Prayer

10am A Liturgy of Lament

6pm “The Well” Agape Meal and creative worship

Holy Saturday 19th April
2pm Ecumenical walk of witness in the City Centre. Meet at the Bombed Out Church

Easter Sunday 20th April
10am Easter Communion “Stones into Bread”

6.30pm Open Table LGBT Worship Community (refreshments 6pm)

Sunday 27th April

10am Short service of morning prayer followed by Church AGM

6.30pm “Ruach-Blessing” Prayerful movement infusing Christian spirituality with Xi Gong Tai Xi movement.

Morning Prayer at St Bride’s every Monday at 8.30am (new time!), every Wednesday at 9am and during Lent, every Friday at 8.30am in the Prayer Room

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St Bride’s is on Percy St/Catharine St Liverpool L8 7LT 

email:  or call 07932 543 900

Thursday Ruach-Blessing Temporary Move

During the current closure of St Luke’s Bombed out Church, we shall be at the Quaker Peace Garden off School Lane, (round the back of Radio Merseyside) 1 o’clock every Thursday lunchtime, in the foyer of the Quaker Meeting House if its wet.

St Brides Eight Week Mindfulness Course Starts 7th May

Mindfulness is a concept which comes to us from the Buddhist tradition but is in some way found in all the major religions. It can be practiced by people of all faiths and none. It enables us to be grounded in our own bodies, aware of each moment and to learn to respond skilfully to the stresses of everyday life. Today mindfulness has expanded beyond its spiritual roots and is used in a wide variety of contexts, including medicine, education and business. It is used to help people deal with stress, pain and illness and generally to improve their well-being. Here at St Bride’s we offer various opportunities to practice mindfulness. We run 8 week course in mindfulness, monthly sessions of mindful movement, women’s group ‘Eat Mindfully Live Mindfully’. The 8 Week Course This course follows the pattern of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme as introduced by Jon Kabat Zinn and his colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The course consists of eight weekly sessions of 2 hours duration and one whole silent day of guided and structured mindfulness meditation practice. The first part of the programme puts emphasis on developing the skills of being present with internal experiences such as body sensations, thoughts, emotions and feelings. The second half of the programme focusses on expanding awareness and applying the learning to daily life, life challenges and interactions with others. Through mindfulness meditation practices and mindful movement such as yoga and qi gong, we can learn to pay attention to our experience of the present moment and cultivate our awareness of the mind and body and living in here and now. An important part of this course is our commitment to home practice as most learning happens through applying mindfulness to our day to day life and by trying to follow the formal practices on a daily basis. To get most out of the course, it is important to attend all the sessions or miss no more than one or two. It is also important to be able to commit to regular formal practice of at least 30 minutes at home 6 out of 7 days in the week. Our next 8 Week Course will start on Wednesday 7th May at 7.30 pm. For more information about our 8 week course or any other mindfulness sessions, please contact Petra (07557045703,

Hope+ Foodbank Stats Reveal Causes of Hunger in Liverpool

Posted by Guy Elsmore


The graph above shows some of the latest stats from Hope+ Foodbank, a project partnership between the two Cathedrals and the St Luke in the City Team including St Bride’s, where food for up to 200 people is distributed every week.

There has been much political debate about the origins of the latest wave of food poverty. The graph above is instructive as it shows the reasons fairly clearly. 

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Christian Aid Week at St Bride’s


Roadmap to Apartheid. The multi-award winning film about Palestinian life under Israeli occupation will be shown at St. Brides Church, Percy Street, Liverpool  L8 7LT Monday 12th May 7.30 p.m.

Free. (There will be a collection for Christian Aid’s work in Palestine/Israel)

Coming Out as a Liberal Christian

By Philip Goff

I have recently found religion.

Let me very quickly follow this up with a ‘negative creed’ of the things I don’t believe in the literal truth of:

I don’t believe in a supernatural person.
I don’t believe that the world was created in 6 days.

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7 Tips for Mindful Eating

by Petra Elsmore


This could be a main meal or a snack, a piece of fruit or a biscuit or even a piece of chocolate. Experience your food with all of your senses, appreciate the colours, the taste, the depth and richness of flavour, textures. Eat it as if you were tasting it for the first time


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Fasting as a Spiritual Practice

A talk at St Bride’s given by Dr. Jon Jelfs 23rd March 2014

Today we are thinking about fasting as a spiritual practice. Fasting is the voluntary intentional abstaining from food and sometimes fluids for a limited period of time for spiritual purposes. Fasting has been practiced for thousands of years in the context of the world’s religions. It has been practiced by North American Indians, Chinese Daoists and Confucians, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Bahai’s. The fact that it exists in these diverse religious cultures may suggest that there is something significant in it?

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